Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quest for knowledge.

Next to my personality is an undying passion or quest for knowledge. This informs my sacrifices in investing in knowledge conscientiously at an unusual age of 13.

First was my attitude towards having a stellar hold on the English language. This was done by reading wide and noting new words, then writing them out with their meanings and the context in which I found them. This is like a prime stage in your quest for knowledge. It is a firm understanding of the language of the sources from which you wish to acquire knowledge.

The first major book I read was a book I borrowed from one of my old friends. It was 'Know your limits, then ignore them' by John Mason. That book blew me out. I wrote out a lot of points from the book that I have always fallen back to. I also went on to read 'The Miracle of motivation', also at that my friend's house overnight. He has a portion of his wardrobe in which he stacked books. Standing before those books at any time then used to challenge my wits. I didn't let this challenge end there, but I went on, alongside my brother to start buying books.

Since I embarked on that knowledge ride, I had since read over 65 books till my late teens. I also went on to learn the dynamics of Customer Relationship at 19 professionally, which was one major huge investment. I had many other things I would have used the money on, but I chose knowledge.

One final word, "Choose to pursue knowledge, for reading makes a man".

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